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DC’s Deuces Wild Leech Recipe and Tying Sequence

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By Dennis P. Collier

DC’s Deuces Wild Leech Recipe:

Hook: TMC 9395, Size 2 to 6
Thread: Black 6/0
Weight: Several wraps of .015 lead wire behind the hook eye
Tails: Two strips of Black Micro Squirrel
Underbody: Hot Red Glimmer Chenille
Body: Black Senyo’s Shaggy Dub/course nymph dubbing mix of choice
*Hint: A mini-coffee grinder works great for blending the materials.
  • Step 1:

    Use a pair of pliers to make a slight upward bend in the hook shank, approximately one-third shank length back from the hook eye. Apply several wraps of lead wire to the upward bend portion. Attach the thread and secure the lead with several wraps. Move the thread to a position roughly halfway between the lead and hook bend.

  • Step 2:

    Attach a single strip of micro squirrel on the far side of the hook shank. This strip should rest just off to the side of the top of the hook. Attach a second strip of micro squirrel on the near side of the hook shank; again, just off to the side of the shank so that both strips meet at a center point on the top of the hook. Trim the strips to the same length.

  • Step 3:

    Create a dubbing loop at the tie-in point of the tails. Apply a generous application of dubbing wax to the thread, attach the dubbing twister tool to the loop and place the thread in the material holder for the time being. Attach a strand of Glimmer Chenille to the hook at the base of the tails.

  • Step 4:

    Palmer the chenille in wide wraps to a point just behind the hook eye, tie off and trim. Keep the chenille back from the hook eye to prevent wild strands from interfering with tying a nice head. Evenly distribute a patch of dubbing mix into the thread loop and spin the dubbing twister to create a dubbing brush. It’s best to keep the dubbing on the sparse side so you don’t overpower the underbody chenille.

  • Step 5:

    Pull back on the thread to maintain tension on the dubbing brush as you palmer the material in wide wraps through the Glimmer Chenille, making sure you allow some of the chenille to show through the dubbing mix. Use a bodkin point to pull up some of the chenille strands if they become flattened under the dubbing brush.

  • Step 6:

    Tie off the dubbing brush, whip finish, and cement the head. Brush out the dubbing material and use the point of your scissors to run parallel through the body and cut any doubled over strands of Shaggy Dub. Brush out again to fluff the material.


  • Original Deuces Wild Leech with rabbit fur body

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