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The Double Bunny Streamer Made Easy!

Click here for the Double Bunny recipe and tying sequences.
By Dennis P. Collier

The Double Bunny streamer pattern is a Scott Sanchez original tie, and has been around for several years. This fly has won several Jackson Hole, Wyoming "One Fly" fishing contests in its day and has earned it deserved reputation.

The problem for many fly tiers though, myself included, is the mess and hassle of gluing the two rabbit Zonker strips together to form the finished fly, as called for in the original recipe. It was this issue alone that kept this otherwise great streamer pattern from residing in my fly boxes in the past.

That was about to change in the fall of 2009, when my fishing partner, Tom Druggish, and I were fishing a very difficult stretch of the Colorado River near Dotsero, Colorado. After a long and fishless day, Tom had a very large fish, of unknown species, savagely tear his olive/white Double Bunny from the end of his leader. On the walk back to the vehicle, Tom showed me a duplicate of the fly that now "slept with the fishes."

With the reminder in mind that big fish like big flies, I went back to my tying vise and trusty Google web site, and started searching for any alternative to creating this pattern. Finding what I was looking for, I put my personal thumb print on the thing and the fly presented here is the end result. I think you’ll find this approach to be much easier and cleaner to tie, and it actually allows the twin strips of bunny fur to pulsate independently.

As Tom and I have both learned the hard way, do tie this beast to a very stout leader. I use and recommend ten and twelve pound Maxima Ultra Green monofilament; as well as 1X or 2X fluorocarbon tapered leaders to minimize break off’s from over-zealous fish.

The color combinations are as numerous as the Zonker strips allow. I tie them in Black/White; Grey/White; White/White; Yellow/White, and etc. Have fun!

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