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Over the years, Dennis Collier has written numerous articles and accompanying fly patterns of which have had the honor of being featured internationally in well known fly fishing magazines. He has highlighted some of his favorites here, and hopes you enjoy reading them as much as he has enjoyed writing them.

Tickle that tackle

  • DC's "T.B.T.F"
    (Too Big To Fail) Streamer

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  • Third Eye Enlightenment
    for the Stillwater Angler

    Dennis Collier - Third Eye Enlightenment
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  • Of Seagulls, Damselflies &
    Hair of the Hare

    Dennis Collier
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  • The Craven/Collier
    "Hot-Wired Jujubee Midge"

    Dennis Collier - DJujubee Midge
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Blondes Have More Fun

Dennis Collier - Blondes Have More Fun
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